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Many new features and enhancements can be found in WordPress 6.0, also known as the “Benny” release. Here are some of the most notable ones

1. WordPress Gutenberg: The most significant new feature in WordPress 6.0 is the Gutenberg editor, so named in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, the man responsible for inventing the printing press. A block-based editor, Gutenberg provides you with greater freedom and simplicity in document creation and layout. You can insert blocks and modify them to your liking in place of using shortcodes or HTML to insert elements like photos, videos, and buttons.

2. Twenty Twenty-One default theme: Twenty Twenty-One, the new default theme included with WordPress 6.0, is minimalistic and user-friendly. It has a sleek, contemporary look that works well on computers and mobile phones.

3 . WordPress 6.0 includes a number of improvements to both its performance and security features. These include updates to the codebase, improved support for PHP 8, and enhancements to the WordPress security API.

4. WordPress 6.0 has more block patterns, or pre-designed groupings of blocks that may be used to rapidly generate complicated layouts. Now, you may choose from over 40 different block designs, such as those for galleries, testimonials, and CTAs.

5. The block editor has been improved in WordPress 6.0. New capabilities include block movers, which make it simple to reorder blocks, and block patterns, which simplify the development of complex page layouts.

In general, WordPress 6.0’s new features and improvements make it less difficult to build and maintain websites. All WordPress users, from newbies to experts, will appreciate the new features and improvements in this version.